Pistol Pete is a full time student and appears at numerous OSU Athletic and Department Events. Schedule permitting, Pistol Pete appears at other special events (birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc). The fee is .75 per mile round trip and $100 for a 30 minute appearance.

If you are interested, please email your appearance request no sooner than one month prior to your event to Beki Jackson, OSU Spirit Coordinator, at beki@osuspirit.com. (Please include the date, location, time and description of your event.) Beki will respond to your request within 48 hours and forward the request to Pistol Pete. Within one week, Pistol Pete will let you know if he is available.

"This type of thing is what makes my job awesome. This kid, Paxton, lost his home and everything he had in a fire last week, just before his birthday. He was pretty shaken up still today at his party, but when he saw Pete his eyes really lit up. He was on top of the world by the end of the party. We had a great time." - Landon Stallings

>>> CLICK HERE for complete tryout details. <<<

Tuesday April 26th:
4:00 pm @O-Club in Gallagher-Iba Arena
Email beki@osuspirit.com for additional information.

Where is the O-Club Room located?
The O-Club Room is located on the Concourse level of Gallagher-Iba Arena, overlooking the east endzone of the football field. You can get to the room by taking either the north or south elevator in Gallagher-Iba Arena to the concourse level.

** There will be an optional meeting with Beki Jackson, Spirit Coordinator, and the current Pistol Petes on April 19 at 5:00 PM!! Meet at the Northwest entrance of Gallgher Iba Arena by the Pistol Pete statue. This is a time for you to get their contact information and have a chance to try the Pete head on for practice.**


* Pistol Pete Application Form

* Medical Release Form
NOTICE: Bring both forms to Tryouts; do NOT mail!


*All-American Mascot
**All-American and Most Collegiate Mascot

2014-15 Landon Stallings ** and Preston Whitlaw **
2013-14 Austin Bowles ** and Landon Stallings **
2012-13 Austin Bowles ** and Dillon Craig **
2011-12 Jordan Northcutt ** and Taylor Venus **
2010-11 Derick Dillard * and Wyatt Swinford *
2009-10 Derick Dillard * and Josh Bailey *
2008-09 Matt Barnes * and Rhys Gay *
2007-08 Michael Harris ** and Ryan Nickell **
2006-07 Ryan Nickell ** and Cale Walker **
2005-06 Brett Adkins * and Eric Stroud *
2004-05 Josh Pulver ** and Jared Wiley **
2003-04 Josh Pulver ** and Jared Wiley **
2002-03 Jason Hynson and Steven Sturgeon
2001-02 Tyler Mullman * and Stormy Phillips *
2000-01 Wes Magill * and Joe Winchester *
1999-00 Rhett Minson and Rob Neville
1998-99 Preston Williams * and Rhett Minson *
1997-98 Matt Ralls and Brock Allen
1996-97 Ryan Stafford * and Matt Ralls *
1995-96 Ryan Stafford * and Cody Eden *
1994-95 Vince Kirkes and Jeff Walls
1993-94 Vince Kirkes and Chris Carroll
1992-93 Trey Stewart and Brad Chelf
1991-92 Billy Sigmon and Trey Stewart
1990-91 Billy Sigmon and Chris Moody
1989-90 John Price and Kent Walstad
1988-89 Matt Ketchum and John Price
1987-88 Lance Millis and Jack Franks
1986-87 Scott Petty and Scott Noble
1985-86 Rick Wilson * and Scott Petty
1984-85 David Treece and Rick Wilson
1983-84 Rob Reynolds and Jesse Lancaster
1982-83 Shane LaDuke and Rob Reynolds
1981-82 Don Giles and Shane LaDuke
1980-81 Kurt Carter and Don Giles
1979-80 Scott Kirley and Kelley Green
1978-79 Dwain Gibson and Larry McAlister
1977-78 Rick Dillard and Wendall Hicks
1976-77 John Michael Entz and Rick Dillard
1975-76 Mark Whitlaw and Joe Semtner
1974-75 Tom Bennett and Mark Whitlaw
1973-74 Joe Elsener and William E. Beckman
1972-73 Gary Bridwell and Mike Martin
1971-72 Bill Ransdell and Richard Forshee
1970-71 Bill Johnson, Bill Ransdell and Ned Kessler
1969-70 Bill Johnson
1968-69 Bill Johnson
1967-68 Bill Johnson and Dale Clark
1966-67 Steve Costello and Mitch Dobson
1965-66 Phil Glasgow
1964-65 Ed Dobson and Jim Bates
1963-64 Joe Sullivan and Gene Dorris
1962-63 Ed Dobson and Bill Wehner
1961-62 Pete Fay and Dave Davis
1960-61 Curtis Manley
1959-60 Bill Smith
1958-59 Charles Lester
1958 Alan Leech
*before the Pete head was created;
simply wore chaps and a vest to
portray Frank Eaton, who died in 1958.

*All-American Mascot
**All-American and Most Collegiate Mascot

From the 1890s on, Oklahoma A&M sports teams had been referred to as the Agriculturists or Aggies, the Farmers, and officially but unpopularly, the Tigers. But by 1924 Charles Saulsberry, sports editor of the Oklahoma City Times, and other writers who regularly covered college events had begun to refer to Stillwater's teams as the A&M Cowboys. The Athletic Council authorized Athletic Director Edward C. Gallagher to have 2,000 balloons printed, "Oklahoma Aggies - Ride 'Em Cowboy" for sale at football games in 1926.

The nickname was quickly adopted, yielding a genuine identity that had long been lacking on campus and around the community. Around 1923, an early U.S. deputy marshal, Frank B. "Pistol Pete" Eaton, headed Stillwater's Armistice Day Parade. At the parade's end, the search for a replacement for the Tigers was over.

The spirited image of a tough, proud, self-reliant cowboy triggered by Eaton became a cartoon drawing. The new mascot was easily woven into campus life, but it was not until 1984 that official sanction would be given to the emblem and its "Pistol Pete" moniker. By then, the Cowboys had already been settled into 60 years of vocabularies and print, spilling over into the general references to the student body, alumni, faculty and fans.

For thirty-five years, the crusty old cowboy was a living symbol of OSU, representing the colorful past of the area. As such, he would attend OSU athletic events, building dedications, etc., and sign autographs, pose for photographs and reminisce about the Old West with anyone who would listen.

Each year, 10 to 15 OSU students try out for Pistol Pete. A panel of former "Petes" judge the tryouts and select the two best candidates based on an interview, a mime, and posing as mascot in different "game situations". The two who are selected split the approximately 500 appearances annually, including all athletic events, pep rallies, business openings, weddings, birthday parties, and public school events.

Though Pistol Pete has been OSU's mascot since 1923, only since 1958 has someone worn the current garb and "head".


The original Pistol Pete mascot head was made of papier-mache and is on exhibit at Gallagher-Iba Arena.
The current fiberglass heads were designed by Walt Disney props people.

Spare Pistol Pete head sent to OSU from Disney's Bob Johnson. This head was used in a parade in Dublin, Ireland which explains the Shamrocks around the hat. Upon Mr. Johnson's retirement, he contacted OSU and the spare head was sent to Stillwater.

Bob Johnson, the original creator of the Pistol Pete head, who worked at Disney. (1970's)

A Pete head weighs 45 pounds.


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